Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Wanderings

It was unseasonably warm, and choosing not to focus on the fear of global warming, I chose to enjoy the day for what it was, an absolute gift of beauty! My daughters and I went on a long 6 mile walk in a local park and enjoyed the day. Even though there was ne'er a trace of the snowfall we had this past Monday, the earth smelled moist and fresh because of it. The river was still a bit low, hopefully we will good rains when Spring arrives fully. On our excursion we spotted a cluster of white crocuses peeping up among the bare trees. What a joy they were to behold! I made my way to them and greeted them as they cheered me with their shy, bowed faces. The warm weather made me long to feel the earth in my hands and tend my precious garden. I see the green and red of my bleeding hearts beginning. My potted weeping pussy willow is beginning to bloom with it's darling fuzzy buds.

I am also spending time fantasizing about the apothecary I plan to grow in my front yard. I already have yarrow, lemon balm, mint, chives, rosemary and lavender there. I cannot wait to sit by them and greet them each morning! I cannot wait to harvest their goodness and begin making medicines. I am planning to purchase several new mortars and pestles just for this. Along with my medicine plants, I also have my beloved bleeding hearts, lambs ear, and hydrangea to look forward to. They too are very much medicine for my soul and comfort me in deep ways.

I realize it still early to celebrate, but this preview of spring cheers me greatly. I am learning to accept each day as the gift that it is and look for the medicine that it offers.

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