Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sun is Shining, Busy Day Ahead!

Good morning Sun! How I've missed you when you were way!

Days like this I love to look up and let the sun kiss and caress my face. It feels so wonderful, like a lover I've not seen in awhile. It also has such a soothing calming effect on my mind and soul. This is a particularly good thing today because I have so much I hope to accomplish today.

So on the agenda today is:

1.) Rehearsal for our upcoming shows. The first one is actually next weekend. It is a benefit for breast cancer research, so I am very happy to be participating in that!

2.)Finish the shawl that I have been working on too long, at least get the second half off the loom!

3.)Finish up the belt and put a dent in the bra for next week's performance.

4.) Make elderberry syrup for our sore throats.

Sounds like a lovely day! I guess I better get started!

What are you all up to today??

So this is the one that I want to get off the loom. It is made from cotton and is a taupe and white plaid. It is the second half of a child's poncho I am working on.

This is half number one. When they are finished I plan to put copious amounts of fringe on the bottom. It stands to reason that a fringe-y person like me would do such things!

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And the results are:

1.) Had a super duper rehearsal and we are feeling really great about our upcoming performance. Just so you understand a little about Tribal Style Bellydance, the way we dance is totally improvisational. We do not choreograph our dances. What we have is a vocabulary of moves and cues that signal those moves. So when we rehearse we are simply dancing with each other, developing chemistry and trust. Yes, trust because you have to trust your leader to guide you clearly. We all have a turn being a leader and that is also part of the dance. You never know when it will happen. Makes for an exciting and fun way to dance together.

2.) I did not get the shawl finished but I did work on it and am committed to working on it every day next week.

3.)I have the belt just about done and should have it completed tomorrow...which means the bra may get done too.

4.) I made the elderberry syrup for our sore throats and not only is it good for us it is yummy too!

I also had the pleasure of talking to some amazing ladies and even did some henna on some other beautiful women. Yep, it was a perfect day!

This last one is a North African symbol of a fern. It stands for endurance and resourcefulness.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My friend Nettle

Well, my friend Nettle and I are getting along very nicely so far. It has only been three days since I started taking this NHI (Nourishing Herbal Infusion). I have been making a quart each night and drinking it the following day. Taking an NHI appeals to me because of it is more of a whole body take on healing, healing the body from the inside out by providing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. I used to drink a green barley drink many moons ago in my fresh carrot juice. I have to tell you I enjoyed it, but since beginning this part of my journey, I am very desirous of leaving the supplement lifestyle behind and walk the road of simple whole healing and nutrition.

I felt very drawn to nettle (Urtica Dioca...sheesh I even love it's latin name), and decided to start there.
Some information regarding nettle that I have learned is:

Properties: Nutritive, astringent, diuretic and styptic. (Has anyone noticed any laxative effects? I was having some difficulty and seem to be having very normal bowel movements now. I am wondering if it is due to the nettle?)

Nutrients: Calcium, potassium, Protein (YAY!) iron, B carotene, chlorophyll (love green!), Vitamins A,C,D and K.

Benefits: Strengthens kidneys and lungs, intestines, and arteries. Restores vibrancy to the adrenal system. According to Susun Weed nettle NHI is one of her favorite anti cancer remedies. According to the Herbalist & Alchemist website nettle is also used as a venous tonic for varicose veins, capillary fragility, and excessive bruising. There are a number of ailments that nettle help with ranging from acne, to edema, to PMS to varicose veins. (Yes, I mentioned that twice because I have two legs that have more than their fair share of variscosities.)

There is much informantion on the web and many articles regarding the wonder and healign in nettle. One of my favorites is by my teacher Kiva Rose on the Anima site. You can read it by haz clic aqui! ;-)

This is a doodle I did while thinking about my lovely nettle.

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