Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy October

Well, it seems Autumn has finally arrived in all of her golden, red, and orange splendor. Granted, Philly is in no way Lancaster County or Maine :::sigh::: but we do have a few trees around here and they are quickly changing their clothing for their last dance before Winter.

The weather has also cooled down and the sun has returned after a very rainy last days of Sukkot. I'm ready for the sukkah to come down and return the sunlight to my home. Once I know the shach has dried I will start that process. A bit sad for me, I really do enjoy Sukkot and the removal of the sukkah means re-entry back into the 'real' world with work and responsibilities. I have to try to keep in mind the bit of chizuk (encouragement) I received on Simchat Torah. We rejoice when we enter the sukkah for obvious reasons, (think fun outside harvest festival and good food, woot!) but then we are also supposed to rejoice when we leave. (huh??) Well, the trick here, I was told, is to take with you all the joy that we felt in the sukkah and bring the sukkah in with you. I liked that thought and, like many other things, the ikar (main point) is basically to remain in your happy place, keeping your thoughts good and being joyful always.

Speaking of joy, we will be having a wedding here, b'ezrat Hashem, in three weeks! Sheesh talk about time flying! There is still alot to do and the whirlpool of emotions that goes along with it. I really haven't allowed myself to think about that, other than I am most happy for daughter and I am quite proud of the lady she has become. It's a new generation, facts are facts, but she does carry with her our core family values, traditions, stories and love so I am looking forward to what the future holds with this next generation. I have had the honor and priveldge of raising three of the finest human beings on the planet, and they have shown me much compassion and respect when the time came for each of them to leave my home. It's obviously hard to let go, but thankfully my children have been very gentle with their mother, letting go of my hand often times one finger at a time. It does make the transition easier for my heart becasue I know each one of them would have loved to simply have spread their wings and flown high into the sky, racing headlong into their lives. It is after all, what I did and truly what I have always hoped for them, to Live Life!

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