Tribal Belly Dance

This is Tribal Spirit, the troupe I am most proud to be a part of and a quirky amalgamation of dancers and tribal sisters, Ann, Yael (me), Angela and Theresa "T".   They envision and present a dance they have dubbed 'Ethnic Eclectic'. Tribal Spirit Improv Belly Dance Troupe embraces what tribal belly dance is all about, a sisterhood of dancers coming together and dancing as one moving unit! We strive for excellence, joy, sisterhood and a whole lotta fun!

The troupe was formed in 2003 by Vikki Williams of Hipnosis as a student troupe before the birth of Hipnosis. Vikki decided on the name Tribal Spirit after the group's first performance when several of the dancers commented on feeling a new sisterhood, a connection that brought forth a new confidence when dancing together.... one dancer commented "The more we dance together, the more our individual energies mingle to create something greater than ourselves, the "tribal spirit" so to speak.", and so was born Tribal Spirit.  Tribal Spirit has since grown into a semi-pro troupe and sister troupe to Hipnosis, dazzling audiences near and far as they take the stage and share with you their love for this dance.

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Tribal Spirit Improvisational Style Bellydance

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