Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lavender Love

In my neighborhood there are some amazing hidden treasures of which I am beginning to discover. One of these treasures are several lavender bushes that a neighbor of mine has. I have been admiring these bushes for some time and joked with my daughter that was going to sneak up in the night and help myself. Of course she discouraged me saying, "Bad karma!"OK, fine, I would certainly not want anything negative revisited on my own little garden. So one day last week, I grabbed a pair of shears, gathered up my courage, and went up and knocked on her door."Hi, I'm your neighbor and I was wondering if I could have some of your lavender."She looked at me a bit peculiarly and I mentioned where I lived. She then seemed a bit more relaxed and said "Sure!" I was thrilled needless to say, and I asked her how much could I take.(I know me, talk about a kid in a candy store!)"Take it all! We are trying to grow them as hedges and they need trimming."

"Really?! Are you sure?"

She just smiled and said, "Enjoy!"

I was in HEAVEN!!!Imagine that! I had just been given carte blanche at my neighbors lavender bushes! Count 'em four bushy lovelies and they were all mine for the picking! See, it pays to be nice and just ask. ;-)

The following Sunday morning I went over with my shears, basket and a box and got to gathering. It was such a euphoric experience. The fragrance was so heavenly and I was sure I was a bit high from all that heavenly fragrance. The really lovely thing about it was she came out to chat with me while I was working. It was so nice to get to know her. I was also able to chat with a few other neighbors and even give a bit of sought after counsel.

Especially being able to (as my friend put it) have my 'office' open, meaning I was able to speak into the lives of a few folks who passed by.It felt so good to be out there in my neighborhood, gathering lavender and helping others in the process. Really I was so unbelievably happy! I realized right then and there, that this is what I really want to do with my life! I am a medicine woman! I love the earth and I love plants and herbs and flowers and green! I feel that I have been given such a gift from Above with all of this!
After I was all done, I went back over and gifted her with a couple bars of homemade soap, that a dear friend had made. She was thrilled and then gifted me back with some fresh chamomile.

What a great way to do commerce! ;-)

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