Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Harbingers of Spring

As an expecting mother eagerly and anxiously awaits those first signs that her baby will soon arrive, I pace my home, eagerly looking out my window for some sign of the Earth waking up and springs arrival. Even here in the city spring has begun to send some calling cards that she will soon be here. Several that I have noted so far have been:

* the flock of robins tittering in a local tree this past shabbat.
* some budding trees that I pointed out to the children during our purim parade on Monday
* waking up yesterday to the robins singing in the morning.

I have also been searching my own garden are here is what I discovered yesterday:

My hydrangea bush is beginning to reveal some lovely, fat, green buds!

My potted weeping pussy willow's blood is flowing back into it's branches and also growing tiny buds. Look at how lovely and red they are!

And last, but surely not least, I actually found this pussy willow blossom on my little tree. How happy it makes me even now to look at this picture. Even the harsh March winds howling outside my door this morning whisper springs imminent arrival! Oh Spring, please come soon! Oh Earth, please wake up and cheer my heart with your green smile!

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