Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I like Morning Pages

I have been slowly reading and working my way through The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Although I have not followed through on everything she suggests the one thing I have taken on and fully embrace are the morning pages. According to Ms. Cameron, morning pages are simply three longhand handwritten notebook pages of whatever comes spilling out of your brain. She encourages you to write them every day even if you have nothing to write. In that case, she suggests you simply write, "I have nothing to write", just be sure to fill three pages of it.

When I embarked on this journey of morning pages, I wasn't sure what the result would be, but I figured it couldn't hurt. I began doing them quite purposefully and ritualistically. I lit a stick of incense, creating a sacred space in time. I got my coffee, creating a wide awake human being and sat myself down in my spot at the dining room table and began to write. My notebook is a nicely weighted spiral bound one where the covers can completely flip themselves around so as not to feel cumbersome. This is very important because if you are anything like me, the journal has to "FEEL" good, otherwise you won't write in it. After all, you are dumping your thoughts, feelings and emotions in this thing, developing a relationship with it. You have to feel good about it.

I began writing whatever was rolling about in my brain, whether it was the 'I-don't- know-what-to-write' phrase or the previous night's dream. Then I suddenly realized I began to write about my dreams, meaning aspirations. I began to write them out as if they were an actual plan and an actual goal. As I kept writing them, I began to notice things began to happen. My dreams began to manifest themselves in my reality! Slowly they are coming true and I have the plans to see them through.

This week now, I see myself beginning to write affirmations for myself. As I am writing out my dreams and desires I am realizing they can be turned into affirmations, mantras even. Here is an example of one from today that I will share with you:

I am true to myself and I walk fearlessly on the path I am called.

There is more to it, but I think I will share them with you in future writings.
It is very exciting to see how these simple morning pages have evolved and helped me. After a little over a month of doing them, I find that they are an important and very meditative part of my day. I still have my ritual, my cuppa still necessary, but not so much with the incense which feels so heavy these bright spring days.


  1. xoxoxoxoxo, we need to connect!!!! I am so glad you are doing The Artist Way!!!!! I am glad you have done this blog, I love your writing and of course think you should do more!!! ;) I look forward to all that you will share.


  2. Thanks to both of you for your encouragement!
    Angelique, I really am enjoying the Artist's Way, thanks for recommending it. Would love to chat when you have time!


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