Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Have a Great Day

1. When you wake up, thank the Universe for a new day. The Jewish Prayer of "modeh/ah ani" is a good one to say.

מודה אני לפניך מלך חי וקים שהחזרת בי נשמתי בחמלה, רבה אמונתך.
Modeh ani lifanekha melekh ḥai v'kayam sheheḥezarta bi nishmahti b'ḥemlah, rabah emunatekha.
I offer thanks before you, living and eternal King, for You have mercifully restored my soul within me; Your faithfulness is great.

2. Enjoy a cup of your favorite warm beverage. My choice, coffee.

3. Meet beloved people for more coffee and tea biscuits. (On the way, have an argument on the phone that upsets your tummy and then promise yourself not to do THAT again. Makes the hug greeting of your beloved people even sweeter and remind you of the great day you are having.)

4. Have many REAL conversations with long time friends, family and your children.

5. Dance, ALOT!

6. Hug more friends and your daughter, ALOT!

7. Forgive yourself and the other person involved in above argument.

8. Go shopping with beloved people for lovely red fabric for the New Moon party you are planning. (Extra special treat: dear friend passing through Philly and has only 45 minutes to spare, joins you on your excursion and wow, you feel so much love!)

9. Sing real loud and dance with beloved people to Janis, Otis, and Gerry.

10. Blog about it and feel the gratitude and blessing of a wonderful day.

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