Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Medicine Woman I want to be

The Village Wise Woman

The words of Wisdom are on her tongue
The law of Kindness flows from her mouth
Dressed in her finery, clothed in the past
Eyes turned to the future, her heart ever present in the here and now
She walks between the worlds.
Calico apron draped across her tie dyed skirts
Lace handkerchief tucked up her tunic sleeve
Her head is wrapped in a cotton crown, leather sandals on her feet
Close to the earth, she listens
Close to the heavens, she soars!
Lavender and dandelion speak of their magic
Yarrow and plantain teach her of love
Owl and chickadee are her friends
Hawk and crow her guides
Butterfly her comfort
Dancing through hoops, spinning with fire, living beneath the cottonwood trees
She weaves her crystal ball through the loom of her life
And though she walks in harmony with all
Her sword is in it's sheath, her hand upon it's hilt
Warrior she is, when it is necessary.

By: The Village Wise woman's not so distant manifestation

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  1. So lovely, I got goosebumps whilst reading this <3

  2. Wow! I would have to say that is a beautiful description of your lovely self! I loved it!


Thanks so much for you comment! I look forward to reading it! Blessings!