Friday, June 24, 2011

Following the Wise Woman

I have been following the Wise Woman all of my life in the many forms she has manifested herself to me. Young girl, nomadic gypsy, devil may care 20something, abused wife, horny teenager, cranky old woman and many more. Each time she has taken me on a new path. Each time, I've been hesitant to go. There is not much light it seems at first. Maybe just a candles worth, simply lighting the step directly in front of me.

"That is all that is necessary to move forward." she assures me.

Strangely enough, in spite of my fear, I follow her. I must, I believe I have no choice, for to remain where I am is to die a death of the spirit.

As I follow her there are times I struggle to keep up. Her knowledge of The Path allows her the agility of an erudite and reassures me. Occasionally I notice fear peeks from behind the trees reminding me that he is there. I linger not at his sight, moving on and marveling at her confidence, praying one day that will be me.

Finally, we come to a door. Always there is a door, sometimes great and foreboding, sometimes small and ridiculous. Several times, the door has been covered with thorns and I have had to hack my way through. Most times in the past I have simply followed her in, but this time is different. This time she tells me I must go in alone.

I feel paralyzed.

"You shall find me again," she urges me on. "I will be waiting for you, wise eyes will reveal me no matter what my concealment."

She sees the tears welling in my eyes and takes me in her arms. I am in no hurry to be released from her embrace. At last, I am comforted and she hands me small photo. "Look for her." Her smile seems to reveal that she has known a great secret all along and soon I shall too.

I gaze at the photo in my hands. Wiping the tears from my eyes I begin to understand. I will know her, the Wise Woman and peculiarly she shall look very much like me.

In fact she always has.
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  1. "Don't go by night, they said. But she did. Don't stray from the road, they said. But she did. Don't follow the fire, don't listen to it's music, they said. But she did.
    They meant well, she knew, but they didn't understand."


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