Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Walmart,

I hate you. I really do. Could you close your stupid greedy store for one day so people can be home with their families or at least have a day off. It's friggin' Thanksgiving, but the only people in your company who get to give thanks are the people in upper management who I am sure will have the day off but will benefit financially nonetheless from you 24 hour sales. You care nothing for your employees.

It is painfully obvious when you make people work on a day they deserve to have off. Yeah, I know all about your holiday pay and I know that is why most them will work on Thanksgiving (not that you give them a whole hell of a lot of choice.) You don't pay fairly to begin with or provide them with decent benefits, but you dangle money in front of them so your employees don't feel like they have a real choice but to work. Most of them are simply trying to make ends meet, pay bills, or save money. So they sacrifice a day in their lives, a day that it should be anathema to go Holiday shopping on anyway, so they can earn a little extra money to pay bills. Oh, but that would mean you gave a flying flip about people and ethics.

Basically, you suck and this is one of the several reasons why I do not shop at your greedy-don't-give-a-crap-about-anyone stores.

Sister of the single mom you are making work on Thanksgiving

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