Monday, January 9, 2012

Musical Monday

I like Mondays. Not as much as I like Sundays, but Mondays are definitely one of my favorite days of the week. As I know many folks do not feel the same as way I do about Mondays, I thought I would help to cheer your Mondays up with a little musical joy!

Yeah, this video is just another hopeful reminder that there is so much good and beauty in humanity. Peace through music!!

Quoted from the video: "okay- what you are about to watch is a true new york experience. what originally started out as a typical nyc subway ride turned into an awesome performance by two people who have never met before. i captured the whole thing on video.

the singer continued with another great song after the entire subway car demanded an encore. her name is jessica latshaw- make sure to check out her music.

props to the conga player as well. check out his stuff- Quoom1.

filmed and uploaded by Matt Schwartz"

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