Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the results are:

1.) Had a super duper rehearsal and we are feeling really great about our upcoming performance. Just so you understand a little about Tribal Style Bellydance, the way we dance is totally improvisational. We do not choreograph our dances. What we have is a vocabulary of moves and cues that signal those moves. So when we rehearse we are simply dancing with each other, developing chemistry and trust. Yes, trust because you have to trust your leader to guide you clearly. We all have a turn being a leader and that is also part of the dance. You never know when it will happen. Makes for an exciting and fun way to dance together.

2.) I did not get the shawl finished but I did work on it and am committed to working on it every day next week.

3.)I have the belt just about done and should have it completed tomorrow...which means the bra may get done too.

4.) I made the elderberry syrup for our sore throats and not only is it good for us it is yummy too!

I also had the pleasure of talking to some amazing ladies and even did some henna on some other beautiful women. Yep, it was a perfect day!

This last one is a North African symbol of a fern. It stands for endurance and resourcefulness.

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