Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sun is Shining, Busy Day Ahead!

Good morning Sun! How I've missed you when you were way!

Days like this I love to look up and let the sun kiss and caress my face. It feels so wonderful, like a lover I've not seen in awhile. It also has such a soothing calming effect on my mind and soul. This is a particularly good thing today because I have so much I hope to accomplish today.

So on the agenda today is:

1.) Rehearsal for our upcoming shows. The first one is actually next weekend. It is a benefit for breast cancer research, so I am very happy to be participating in that!

2.)Finish the shawl that I have been working on too long, at least get the second half off the loom!

3.)Finish up the belt and put a dent in the bra for next week's performance.

4.) Make elderberry syrup for our sore throats.

Sounds like a lovely day! I guess I better get started!

What are you all up to today??

So this is the one that I want to get off the loom. It is made from cotton and is a taupe and white plaid. It is the second half of a child's poncho I am working on.

This is half number one. When they are finished I plan to put copious amounts of fringe on the bottom. It stands to reason that a fringe-y person like me would do such things!

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