Monday, August 16, 2010

Soul Garden

I come across a parched and weed filled garden.
Planted with love, tended with devotion the day to day stealing the time away from the Beloved.
My eyes become heavy and my heart feels a hole as I bend down to look closer.
I reach out and touch the now dry and withered plants.
One there was medicine here.
Once there was peace.
Once there was healing.
Once there was growth.
I begin to trim away the dry stems and pull out the excessive clover. I find the earth is crying from thirst, the clover has prevented the rain from even reaching the soil.
As if in answer to a prayer, the rain begins to fall. I feel the drops falling on my back and with gratitude, ignore the dampness. This garden needs me.
I continue to pull, small plants which I think should come out with ease have sent their roots deep into the earth. I curse the plant and begin to wonder how long has it been.
I pity the once beautiful garden and get back to work.
I discover lavender and yarrow, columbine and lemon balm. How could this have happened with such treasures lying here? Who could have been so neglectful?
I pull at a vine and find it has twisted itself desperately around a sunflower. I reach down and grasp it by it's roots and untangle the strangling tendrils from it. I imagine I hear a gasp for air...or did I?
The rain has stopped and I look up. Grey skies filled with clouds pregnant with rain and the earth still so dry. I comfort myself with the knowing that at least now there is space here for the life giving water.
Suddenly a Voice so soft, so loving, whispers in my ears.
I know this Voice. It is the Voice of a long lost friend.
My, it's been so very long.
I cast my eyes down to the now repaired garden.
"Welcome back to your soul." the Voice says.

©Village Wise Woman

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