Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandmother Moon

I am a moonchild and I have a love affair with the moon. I watch her constantly and observe her comings and goings. I meditate on her waxing and her waning and it makes me think of my own. I think of how she is the lesser light that rules the night and a reflection of the greater light that rules the day, regardless of whether you see her or not she is there. I love all the moon songs, moon books, pictures and jewelry. I've written her poems and celebrated her monthly rebirth. She is a metaphor for women and the beauty of femininity. According to the rabbis she is even a metaphor for the Jewish people, a reflection of Divine Light. She is my Grandmother carrying wisdom and Light from high above. And I love her.

Tonight my husband set up the telescope and knowing how much I love the moon he called me out to see. How lovely! I could not believe the craters and the light that was reflected off the surface. There she is and here we are, drifting in space, spinning and twirling, dancers in time guided by the One, and I was privileged to have the joy in that moment and see her.

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