Thursday, September 16, 2010

Look and Listen

The day before a holiday and/or shabbat is always hectic at school. Couple that with the fact school has just started and so there is a ton of other things I am trying to accomplish and you have the ingredients for Frustration Stew. Today I was in such a stew and the time came for my break when I soon realized that said break was not going to happen. Nonetheless, I ran home, about half a mile from work, to try and grab something to eat and find glue sticks (don't ask). In the short time it took to get home, my frustration was heavy on my head. I drove home, turned off the radio and got out of my car. Just then I heard a hawk's cry. I looked up to see if I was hearing things when there I saw her soaring over me. As I was admiring my friend Hawk, soaring so effortlessly in the sky, a monarch butterfly flew over my head and I smiled. Right here in Philly, the hawk still cries the butterfly still flies and at that moment all is right in the world and that is what matters. I thought of the message of my winged friends. I do not claim to be a shaman, but I do claim to be a believer in wonder. I try to find the message in all things, (scoff at me if you like, I care little if you find me ridiculous) and mostly I just feel like I was being noticed. It felt good. I happen to love Hawks and all raptors and monarchs remind me of my beloved mother, so it felt like a gift from the Holy One.

"Now, dear daughter relax. See how she flies so high above. You hear her voice from miles below; I too hear yours."

"I see you too kid. Hang in there."

Yep, that is what it felt like. It's good to look and listen. And whatever the message is, if you feel the touch of Love, of the Divine, I say bask in it. It's your gift to enjoy.

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