Monday, November 15, 2010

Cell Phone Doula-ing

At 5:30 this morning I received a text from a dear friend/sistah informing she was at the birth of her niece! Well, anyone who knows me I cannot resist fiber, plants or birth so I shook off the sleep and got to it. I got to be the 'doula's doula' offering her support and encouragement through texting! I was amazed at the speed of my thumbs! What an honor to be a part of this birth even if only peripherally. The last time I had this kind of opportunity was about 5 years ago and I was a doula for a mommy over the phone! Yes, it can be done and although not ideal, that is what I do as a doula, support birthing mommies (and their doulas) however and whenever they need me.

This is such a timely reminder of what I've said many times before and will continue saying, "It takes a village!" Believe me, I struggle with this myself, not allowing anyone in and not venturing outside. It is much easier to close up into my shell and stay there. But the truth is we truly need each other, we do! We are the community we create and although it may not come naturally to us anymore, it is needful for us all to remember this and to what ever capacity we can, be there for each other.

It has been some time now, the many texts have ceased and the phone has gone silent. This tells me there may be some birthing going on. My thoughts and prayers are there with the birthing Mama and my dear friend, supporting her sister as her doula. May the Shechinah fill the room with Her sweet presence and usher this baby into the world in love and peace! Many birthing blessings!!!

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  1. That is so bee-autiful and any sort of heart felt sharing and support of others is a gorgeous thing! very cool! adore that picture also! did you do it? xx

  2. No, I did not do it, and sadly I have not been able to find who did. I am still looking and will post a link when I do. It is beautiful and is a wonderful depiction of being a doula isn't it?

  3. it certainly is gorgeous! i just love it to bits:)


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