Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank you, Ms. Steinman!

Finally, finally, Ms. Steinman has called a spade a spade and spoken the words I have been longing to hear! In an article titled Feminist Ideal: A myth she states:

"Women are told they can have it all, that they can do anything, as long as they also keep doing everything else they were doing before."

I am doing such a happy dance over here you have no idea!!! This was one of the main points that would infuriate me so much about the Feminist Movement. I could support equal pay for equal work, respect for women in the workplace, gender equality and such, but what I could not support is the fact of that women were still expected to "Bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never let you forget your a man!" GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! It seemed to me that women simply were making more work for themselves and men were either becoming emasculated or lazy! Horrible words I know, but that is what I witnessed.

Women who wanted to stay home and keep house or raise their children were made to feel like they were being treated as slaves, second class citizens or iconic novelties. Women who desired a career were considered power starved bitches, male wannabes, or evil for abandoning their children and the only way to make up for it was to become frantic Supermoms who worked themselves into Valium induced oblivions.

Women were not given choices, and they were not supported in their choices if they made them.

And the men. Well, they seemed lost through it all. Is it okay to be a 'gentleman'? Does he hold the door not hold the door? What if he wanted a more active parental role? What if he wanted to stay home with the children? (True story: my brother raised his son for several years on his own and was a Stay at Home Dad for a bit.) What if he wanted to maintain the traditional role of breadwinner with his wife being a homemaker? What if that is what worked for them?


Finally, I believe these words spoken by one of the most vocal Women's Movement activists of our time, and this article may get women and men to truly stand up and stop the insanity. Finally maybe women will stop believing the lies that they must do it all, be all and rise up and be who they are individually and collectively called to be. Women may finally be able to lay aside the guilt, give up the media and societal induced responsibilities and perceptions of their bodies and take up the ones that they truly desire, the ones that truly work best for themselves, their families, in whatever way that route may be for them.

Here is that 30 second commercial that I grew up with and supposedly represented the Feminist Movement. What it succeeded in doing is brainwashing most of my generation.

I really hate this ad!

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  1. That commercial cracked me! I don't remember it though... however I agreed wholeheartedly with your post.


Thanks so much for you comment! I look forward to reading it! Blessings!