Monday, November 8, 2010

New Moon Musings Kisev

The Month of Kislev, birthed under the Dark Moon in Scorpio, brings with it many, many changes for the Village Wise Woman.

The month of Kislev falls during the Dark Months, the months that beckon us to rest, to delve inward and to reflect. Their is no foliage, no birdsong to distract on this leg of the journey. Physically the animals are making their final preparations for their long winter's sleep and the gardens are all mostly bedded down for the winter. The sun sets earlier making our times of daylight shorter. I will admit, this is not my favorite time of the year. The cold and dark force me to search out the cold and dark within myself. That Dark Side of the Moon we all have as Twain so aptly calls it. Sometimes it is a hard place to visit.

This lovely piece of art is by a dear friend and mentor of mine, Dvorah Horn. She has based this beautiful and comtepletative piece on the month of Kislev. You can read her thoughts here.

It is not mere coincidence that many major religion's "Festival of Lights" fall during this time. Diwali has just passed, and Hanukah will soon be here along with Christmas and Kwanzaa soon after. My hope lies with the Great Spiritual Light that will soon be celebrated and emerging through the physical darkness. While I only celebrate Hanukah, I am aware of all peoples need for light during this dark time.

I am also aware of the necessity of this dark time. This is a time of renewal and re-dedication, a time of rest and reflection. A time of borrowing deep within and seeing who and what truly lies there.

We shall see who and what comes out on the other side.

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