Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Words from the heart, touch the heart.

I have some pretty awesome friends, of which I am most grateful. One particularly special lady stepped out of her "No Poetry" zone and wrote this for me. Strangely enough it came after I had seen her and said nothing in particular, but obviously my heart and soul spoke volumes to hers. Words from her heart spoke to mine and, I believe, offered me some healing.

Gentle waves start from her heart

Flowing down her arms

Twisting wrists and flicking off fingers

Beckoning you to come, warning you to stay

Her heart pulses, lifting her breasts

Chest fills with desire

And collapses, coated with pain

Loneliness washes down her belly

Her body remembers fullness

Ecstasy and conception

The undulation of birth

Dancing children out of her womb

Her empty hands wait

Anxious for the next baby to catch

The next tuft to spin

The next florio to circle

Hips twist, thighs pump

Knees flex, calves tighten

She pushes against the ground

Feeling, needing the ground to push back

Spirit demands her body to dance

Ears strain to hear the changing tempo

Missed beats, stumbling feet

Her life song feels distorted

She looks more graceful then she feels

Swaying to the arrhythmic strain

Her muscles miss the old cadence

Spirit waits for body’s inevitable surrender

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