Monday, November 15, 2010

Today's Horoscope said:

Ok, let it be known that although I dig astrology, I only read horoscopes for fun about once a week, and only if it suits me. They are obviously generic and bogus but every once in awhile I happen across one that I say to myself BRING IT!!! This one happens to one such horoscope I want to make come true, and stars aligned or not, I am the only one who can manifest this into reality.

"New ideas are flowing into your life now, but you must be ready to receive them. You may already be in touch with a philosophical perspective as beneficial Jupiter continues to inspire your 9th House of Higher Truth, but the Sun-Jupiter trine today can blast the doors of awareness open. Luckily, this shouldn't feel like hard work. Opportunities to expand your thinking and widen your horizons are more fun than you might expect."

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